Inoklaster LT

2012 March 26 was signed contract on project S - VP2-1.4 - ŪM -01 -K- 01-018 "International competitiveness increasing of smart technology cluster " (Project Code: VP2-1.4 - ŪM -01 -K- 01- 018).The project is implemented under the Economic Development Programme 1 priority for competitiveness and growth of research and development Inoklaster LT. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Project aims

Insufficient global competitiveness of Smart technology cluster members was the reason to create a favorable environment in order to be able effectively use the cluster members cooperation and creat opportunities and enhance its international recognition. According to this vision was the objective - to make smart technology cluster become competitive in design and implementation of smart technology solutions in the Eastern and Central European region. After implementation of the project activities , it is expected that there will be favorable conditions for further improving the competitiveness of the companies and cluster consolidated financial indicators growth.