Smart Technologies Cluster (STC) is an association of cooperating independent companies that work in smart technologies field in order to:

  • Create more solutions that generate greater value in smart technologies (Smart City, Smart Grid, Smart House etc.) fields;
  • Increase effectiveness of cluster’s companies by ensuring rapid exchange of knowledge and co-developing the missing competencies;
  • Encourage competition and cooperation of cluster companies among themselves and with other national and international business structures.

STC invites interested companies joining cluster’s activities and together meet technological and competitive challenges of 21st century.

By organizing regular meeting, STC ensures deeper and mutual understanding among companies, so that emerged mutual trust allow courageously create joint innovative solutions and together research unrecognized business opportunities.

STC seminars and training courses will allow the cluster members maintaining current and develop new competencies at the highest level, and organized international conferences will allow gaining new insights about the smart technologies field from the world famous companies and experts.